英国のSFドラマ”Doctor Who”の小説やオーディオドラマを攻略中

Doctor Who Series 27 episode 3 -The Unquiet Dead



Rose: That's so weird. It's Christmas. 

Doctor: All yours. 

Rose: But, it's like, think about it, though. Christmas. 1860. Happens once, just once and it's gone, it's finished, it'll never happen again. Except for you. You can go back and see days that are dead and gone a hundred thousand sunsets ago. No wonder you never stay still. 

Doctor: Not a bad life. 

Rose: Better with two.



Rose: Don't laugh. 

Doctor: You look beautiful, considering. 

Rose: Considering what? 

Doctor: That you're human. 

Rose: I think that's a compliment



Gelth: We are so very few. The last of our kind. We face extinction. 

Doctor: Why, what happened? 

Gelth: Once we had a physical form like you, but then the war came. 

Dickens: War? What war? 

Gelth: The Time War. The whole universe convulsed. The Time War raged. Invisible to smaller species but devastating to higher forms. Our bodies wasted away. We're trapped in this gaseous state. 

Doctor: So that's why you need the corpses. 

Gelth: We want to stand tall, to feel the sunlight, to live again. We need a physical form, and your dead are abandoned. They're going to waste. Give them to us. 

Rose: But we can't. 

Doctor: Why not? 

Rose: It's not. I mean, it's not 

Doctor: Not decent? Not polite? It could save their lives.



Rose: You can't let them run around inside of dead people. 

Doctor: Why not? It's like recycling. 

Rose: Seriously though, you can't. 

Doctor: Seriously though, I can. 

Rose: It's just wrong. Those bodies were living people. We should respect them even in death. 

Doctor: Do you carry a donor card? 

Rose: That's different. That's 

Doctor: It is different, yeah. It's a different morality. Get used to it or go home. You heard what they said, time's short.


Gwineth: It's true, though. Things might be very different where you're from, but here and now, I know my own mind, and the angels need me. Doctor, what do I have to do? 

Doctor: You don't have to do anything.


Doctor: I trusted you. I pitied you! 

Gelth: We don't want your pity. We want this world and all its flesh. 

Doctor: Not while I'm alive. 

Gelth: Then live no more. 


Rose: But it's 1869. How can I die now? 

Doctor: Time isn't a straight line. It can twist into any shape. You can be born in the twentieth century and die in the nineteenth and it's all my fault. I brought you here. 

Rose: It's not your fault. I wanted to come. 

Doctor: What about me? I saw the fall of Troy, World War Five. I pushed boxes at the Boston Tea Party. Now I'm going to die in a dungeon in Cardiff. 

 ここにきて自分にも同情しろというか💢と、ドクターに対してさらにドン引いた瞬間。 ローズに謝れ!とか思ってたら、

Rose: We'll go down fighting, yeah? 

Doctor: Yeah. 

Rose: Together? 

Doctor: Yeah. 

Doctor: I'm so glad I met you. 

Rose: Me too. 



Rose: She didn't make it. 

Dose: I'm sorry. She closed the rift. 

Dickens: At such a cost. The poor child. 

Doctor: I did try, Rose, but Gwyneth was already dead. She had been for at least five minutes. 

Rose: What do you mean? 

Doctor: I think she was dead from the minute she stood in that arch. 

Rise: But she can't have. She spoke to us. She helped us. She saved us. How could she have done that? 

Dickens: There are more things in Heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy. Even for you, Doctor. 

Rose: She saved the world. A servant girl. No one will ever know.



Rose: Doesn't that change history if he writes about blue ghosts? 

Doctor: In a week's time it's 1870, and that's the year he dies. Sorry. He'll never get to tell his story. 

Rose: Oh, no. He was so nice. 

Doctor: But in your time, he was already dead. We've brought him back to life, and he's more alive now than he's ever been, old Charlie boy. Let's give him one last surprise.